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Rural Touring Support Scheme 2013/14 – successful applicants

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Rural Touring Support Scheme 2013/14 – successful applicants

Jazz Services is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013/14 Rural Touring Support Scheme.  Similar to the National Touring Support Scheme, it is designed to assist bands with funding to touring the UK, but rather than focussing on established venues, the Rural scheme works with the National Rural Touring Forum to present the selected artists to audiences in venues and locations less well served by the touring arts scene.

For 2013/14, the three bands chosen are:

Fumi Okiji’s Old Time Jazz Band

Sue Richardson

Heads South

These three bands will be presented to the NRTF’s pool of rural promoters, who will then be able to approach the bands on an individual basis and book them for a tour in their area.  We’ll have more news on this as the process gets underway in future months, but for now we’d like to congratulate the successful bands and offer our thanks to all the many worthy applicants who submitted an application.