Wednesday, 29 May 2013 15:57

JazzUK and Gigs go digital!

Written by  Administrator

As of June 2013, both of Jazz Services' regular publications are going fully digital on our website.

JazzUK and Gigs can now be read "as print" on the site and are fully interactive, with external weblinks and email addresses accessible right from the page.

Each new edition of JazzUK and Gigs uploaded to the Jazz Services website will have a preview of the new format’s web reader included, which you can click to expand the viewer and display the publication in fullscreen mode.  You can then use the options at the top of the screen to zoom the text, scroll through the pages, change the layout and more.

We hope this new added format makes it easier than ever to enjoy your copies of JazzUK and Gigs online, but each issue will still be available to download as a PDF for offline reading, and JazzUK is still published physically with over 25,000 copies distributed to music venues, shops and public spaces across the UK.

And remember, however you choose to read them, both JazzUK and Gigs are still completely free to access!

Read the new versions of JazzUK and Gigs here: