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Open Call for Scores - Risuonanze festival, Italy 2014

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Jazz Services has received some information on an open call for musicians to submit a piece for the Risuonanze 2014 - incontri di nuove musiche” Festival, held in Italy in June 2014.  Submissions are being welcomed until 27th January 2014 - introductory details are below, and a full press release and further application info is available to download as a .PDF at the bottom of the page.  For more information, vist:


Associazione Culturale TKE is calling for pieces to be performed at the “Risuonanze 2014 - incontri di nuove musiche” Festival, which will take place on early June, 2014, in Friuli Venezia Giulia region in Italy.

The Call is open to composers of any nationality and age.

 Pieces should be written for solo piano, or solo flute [C Flute, and/or Piccolo, and/or G Alto flute, one only player], or solo oboe, or solo trombone, or solo harp, or solo toy-piano (Schoenhut Traditional Spinet - 25 keys, range: C2 to C4), or solo voice [mezzo-soprano, range: F3 to F5 (piano dynamics) or Ab5 (forte dynamics)], or voice (mezzo-soprano, range as before) and piano; use of tape and electronics is not allowed.

The submitted works should not have been premiered in public performances before the Festival.

Works of any aesthetic and stylistic direction from 2 to 6 minutes in duration may be submitted.

15 Euros must be payed via bank transfer or PayPal as a donation for contribution to costs; this amount allows you to submit 1 - 4 different works.

Festival “Risuonanze 2014” is based on the direct relationship between composers and audience, so composers attending the performances are much appreciated. Attending the concert is considered as an advantage in the selection. In that case, there is no refund for travel and lodging fees.

Associazione Culturale TKE may select one or more pieces in each category; it may decide not to choose any composition if it considers it valid.

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