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Jazz Services has received the following information about JazzShuttle from SACEM and Afijma (the French equivalent of the PRS and the French jazz festival organisation, respectively).

JazzShuttle was set up with support from a few noted UK institutions including the Vortex Jazz Club, the Cheltenham Jazz festival, London Jazz Festival and Manchester Jazz Festival, and aims to encourage collaborations between French and British artists.  The existing collaborations have been running for a couple of years and a number of successful concerts have already taken place as a result of the scheme.  Ollie Weindling of the Babel Label has a report on it from earlier in the year on his Tower Of Jazz blog: here.

According to the fine print, only clubs and festivals may submit a proposal, and must do so by the 31st October.  If you are interested, we recommend reading all the attached documents carefully...



Sacem and Afijma, together with British Council, have joined to encourage Franco-British collaboration in Jazz and Improvised Music.  JazzShuttle has been created particularly to foster the creation and dissemination of new projects. It aims to stimulate lively cultural exchanges, in order to enrich and broaden the artistic dialogue between our two countries.

The Committee that will decide to support projects for 2013 will be held on 17th of November. Therefore, in order to prepare this meeting, we are sending you some informations about JazzShuttle.

First, you will find enclosed a presentation of JazzShuttle which will explain this cooperation project between our two countries.

Second, you will find the application form to JazzShuttle if you want to apply. Of course, in order to apply, you need to respect these 3 criteria, which are the basis of JazzShuttle :

  • the presence of both French and British musicians for a new project,
  • the joint presentation of a new project or new repertoire
  • performances of the project in at least one festival or one club in France and in the UK.

One of the two main partners from France or UK, need to fill in the application. No request will be accepted if you did not fill the Application form enclosed to this email.

Third, you will also find enclosed a list of projects that are waiting for partners ( main partners or new concerts) in both countries. If you are interested to book one of these projects, you can contact us. Some projects may not exist if they can’t find some more partners. Therefore, we would appreciate that you take a look carefully to this document.

On May 2013, will be holding a new Comittee meeting. Therefore, you will be able to present some more projects for JazzShuttle.

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Antoine Bos for JazzShuttle

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