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Jazz Services International Events/Showcase Opportunities for Bands Resident in UK




Jazz Services is involved with various international events, and is occasionally able to put forward artists and bands resident in the UK for international work and international showcasing opportunities.  To be a part of this, artists need to register their interest with Jazz Services.  While this process does not guarantee that bands will be successful in any selection process, it does mean that we have a selection of 'match-fit' UK artists ready to present to any interested international parties looking for UK talent.

Please note that here at Jazz Services we do not select bands to perform at showcases.  However, we do put forward bands and artists to the relevant selection panels and we welcome submissions from interested artists.

Selections processes differ between showcases, but the ones we are directly involved with are usually made by an impartial and independent panel of experts, often in conjunction with the festival director and/or funding bodies involved.  Funding can vary hugely and selected bands will usually have to fund some of the costs of the showcase/appearance themselves.

We expect artists to have given serious consideration to what they hope to achieve from international showcase or festival appearances.

How To Apply:

You will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be resident in the UK (majority of band members)
  • Have a product i.e. current CD or digital release
  • Be market ready in performance and presentation
  • Have a significant and demonstrable profile in the UK
  • Have support from an agent/manager/label or be capable of managing these functions yourself
  • Have a clear rationale for wishing to build your international profille


There is no application form for International Showcases.

If you are interested you will be required to provide an EPK (electronic press kit) with the following:

  • 3 MP3s of your music (each piece to be around 5 minutes, with the 3 files totalling approx. 15MB in size)
  • Short Artist/Band biography as a single Word document (.doc/.docx) or PDF (.pdf)
  • Short individual biographies for each band member in a single Word document or PDF 
  • Any press cuttings and reviews in a single Word document or PDF
  • Hi-Res photograph in .jpg format (300 dpi). (No PDFs please)
  • Full contact details for the band
  • A statement of intent for your inclusion in the showcase - what you hope to achieve, how it will help your career and so on.


Please make sure all your files indicate the artist/band name in the title.  Failure to provide the required information and materials in the required format could result in your application being rejected.

To apply, please send a .ZIP file of your EPK and application form to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  via WeTransfer, clearly indicating that you are entering your EPK for International Showcases.

PLEASE NOTE - large file sizes

Our email server cannot accept incoming emails totalling over 10MB in size, and it is likely that your EPK will be over this limit.  As such, we ask that applicants send their EPKs using WeTransfer, a free, secure online file transfer service that requires no registration.  We have found WeTransfer to be the most fool-proof and easy to use for all parties and it is our preferred format for receiving applications.

How to create a .ZIP file:

On a PC: Place all of your MP3s, biographies, press cuttings, photo and completed application form into a folder with you or your band’s name.  Once you have placed all of the information into a folder right click on that folder and choose “Send to” and then “Compressed (zipped) folder”.  Send the resulting zipped folder to Jazz Services using WeTransfer.

On a Mac: Right-click or hold "Ctrl" and click the file or folder of files you have selected.  Choose "Compress" from the pop-up menu.  The text in quotes following the word "Compress" shows the name of the file or folder of files you are about to compress.  You can also reach the Compress option by clicking "File" in the menu bar and choosing "Compress" from the drop-down menu.


* Please note: music submitted to Jazz Services Ltd as part of an application will be distributed to the various selection and judging panels via a secure and private Soundcloud link.  By submitting your music as part of your application, you are giving Jazz Services Ltd permission to share your music in this way and confirming that you have all legal rights and permissions necessary to upload, publish and share this material on SoundCloud.

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