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Jazz Ex Tempore was initially formed in 2005 as a cultural exchange project between Croatia and other European countries, and has so far included contributions from artists from 18 countries. Musically, Jazz Extempore draws on the cultural heritage of all its band members, and aims to be accessible but with depth, presenting its fusion results to audiences through concerts and workshops; an album of its efforts, Round Trip, was released in July 2009. The group?s current incarnation features US-born, UK-bred Andrea Vicari, Elvis Stanic from Croatia, Rico de Jeer from Holland, and Hristo Yotsov from Bulgaria. Andrea Vicari has made her mark on the UK jazz scene both as a pianist and composer, and her latest album, Mango Tango, provides some of the material heard on this tour. Born in Florida, USA and raised in Birmingham, England, Andrea won a scholarship to study at The Guildhall in London, soon finding herself working with bass guitar legend Dill Katz in a band that also included, the then unknown, guitarist Phil Robson. Soon after she formed her first important group with Julian Argüelles on sax and Stuart Hall, then of Django Bates' Human Chain, on bass. She also worked with Phil Bent, Jazz Warrior David-Jean Baptiste (with whom she recorded her first commercially released album, Freedom in the Groove), and the all-women band Birds, led by Kathy Stobart. In 1994 Andrea was commissioned by The Arts Council and the Peter Whittingham Trust to write music for a new 11 piece jazz orchestra; this became the Suburban Gorillas project, which resulted in an album of the same name, a Jazz Services tour, a triumphant appearance at Brecon Jazz Festival, and a live BBC broadcast from Newcastle Playhouse. Andrea has released four albums: Lunar Spell, Tryptych, and the aforementioned Suburban Gorillas, and Mango Tango. Elvis Stanic, Jazz Extempore?s art director, is one of Croatia?s best known contemporary guitarists. A jazz graduate of Berklee, Elvis has worked both in the UK and Croatia, gaining several awards including a Croatian Musicians Union Annual Award for the best instrumental performer in the jazz, Latin, fusion and ethnic music category, and the best jazz guitarist category. He has performed at several major jazz festivals in Europe, including Montreaux, and alongside such musicians as Django Bates, and The National Croatian Radio-Television Big Band. Rico de Jeer lives and works in Holland. He graduated from the prestigious Hilversum?s Conservatory in 1992, and now plays with the Kai Von Rosenberg Trio, and Klatwerk 3, as well as Jazz Extempore. Hristo Yotsov has performed throughout Europe with his own quartet, and the Theodosii Spassov Trio; he has worked with Tommy Smith, Andy Scofield, Reggie Workman, Eric Prost, and Bennie Maupin amongst others, and his awards include Jazz Musician of the Year at the 1999 Bulgaria National Music Awards. His quintet released an album, Seven Steps, last year.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013
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£13, £11 in advance, £8 members, £5 students and under 21's.
01707 357117

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