Jazz Services Touring Statistics to 2011

Since 1992 Jazz Services has been operating a National Touring Support Scheme whose aim is to use the JSL Touring Scheme to promote musicians and bands of merit not readily promoted by the commercial sector and other agencies and to maximise attendance at these events and reflect Jazz Services equal opportunities policy. The policy is mainly geared to small groups and covers the full range of jazz music, idioms and styles.

The purpose of the scheme is:

  • To broaden touring opportunities for musicians and include the full range of styles of jazz and related music.
  • To encourage musicians and musicians' representatives to seek national touring opportunities
  • To support and vitalise small-scale touring which enables British musicians (primarily) to develop national audiences and profile
  • To gather data on venues to refresh JSL’s information data base
  • To encourage promoters and musicians and help increase the audience for jazz
  • To help the selected bands in their promotional efforts by organising and mailing press releases, advising on publicity and marketing and promoting the tours through Jazz UK magazine

Awards are up to a maximum of £2,500 for a minimum of 6 dates.

The PDF document attached gives a statistical picture of this activity over the years.

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